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11+ Preparation

11 Plus information

Serious preparations for 11Plus begin at the age of  8 (Year 4). We have separate sessions for year 4 and year 5. Our 11 Plus preparation classes cover all essential subjects required for your choice of schools, whether it be a school  from your local county or schools from any other counties. The major 4 essential subjects are Maths, English , Verbal reasoning & Non-verbal reasoning. Depending upon the schools you choose, the exams may include just 2 subjects from the above list or it could be 3 or all 4 subjects.


Our tutors

Our tutors, who teach 11 Plus preparation classes, have several years of hands-on experience in preparing children for 11 plus exams. We would like to invite you to meet our tutors to discuss about preparing your  child for 11 Plus.  



Our 11 Plus teaching methodologies are proven and we use our own resources as well as resources of leading publishers to train our learners. 11 Plus resources of leading publishers are always expensive. That is why  we have  arrangements with some leading publishers to obtain their resources at discounted rates. You may purchase the resources through us and we are up to 25% cheaper than high street book stores.


Regular assessment & feedback

We conduct tests quarterly and analyse the progress your child makes in the class. We provide feedback to the parents following the sample tests.


Exclusive sessions for parents

Parents play a major role in preparing the children for 11 Plus exams. Their mental   support is very  important for Children in the exam preparation. We bring 11 Plus expert speakers  and psychologists  to  interact with parents of our learners . During  these session, the experts will advise the parents  how to support your children in the exam preparations. The experts also discuss about the common mistakes many parents commit while preparing their kids for 11+ exam and  ways to avoid those mistakes